Dutch Top Export Products

Traditionally the Dutch are tradesmen. And we still are. Did you know the Netherlands is the second-largest exporter of agricultural products worldwide, after the United States?

And that we as the fifth largest exporter of goods in the world, occupy a prominent position when it comes to world trade? I thought so. Let’s have a look at our export products!


Gouda, Edammer, Old Amsterdam, Leerdammer, Maaslander. The Dutch know their cheeses. Something that did not go unnoticed. Everywhere around the world Dutch cheese products can be found.


Every year, during the Easter speech of the Pope, the Dutch are thanked for the flowers they decorated the Sint Pieters square in Rome with. It’s not a coincidence that we are the supplier on this important day. The Dutch are famous for their flowers, especially the tulips.


The Netherlands exports the largest proportion of beer of any country in the world. Therefore Dutch beers can be found on every corner of this world. Heineken is the world’s third-largest brewer of beer, after Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller.


Our prominence in European exports can mainly be attributed to transit exports to other European countries. In this sense, we really are the gateway to Europe for many products from other regions. Half of our exports consist of transit exports. One of our top export products? Telecommunication devices and equipment.


The Dutch are big in energy as well. Ever heard of Shell? Yep, they are Dutch! they have a lot of oil drilling platforms in the North Sea.


For years we have been dominating the top 3 of the top DJ’s in the world with DJ Tiëtso, Armin van Buuren and Hardwell. Electronic music is born here and keeps on innovating in the Netherlands. But not only are we big in house and techno. André Rieu, the classical violist from Maastricht, might be one of the most successful artists from our country.

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